7 Things from January

7 things Jan '18

10 Things from January

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I’m going to make some big moves this year, and I needed a BIG PLANNER to get it all done. I’m a very visual person, so planners are essential to my productivity. I have a mini one I keep in my bag and now I’ve invested in a larger one to keep track of my: “work”, “wellness”, “blogging”, “social” & “future” to-do’s and goals. I really wish I could bullet journal but ain’t no body got time for that.


Faux Shearling Jacket

I’m an animal lover and I’m on a budget, so I opted for faux. It’s still chilly here in Europe and we’re planning on visiting Amsterdam in May, so I wanted another jacket. I had been a fan of the fuzzy trend for a while, but had been waiting to find a LINED jacket. It’s no fun to have all the fluffy goodness on the outside! So many bargain options just line the hood and the collar. Or turn the fluffy side out. uhh Luckily I found this one on sale and snagged the last one. look out bargain queen



“Family Ghosts,” No No! It’s not like my Halloween post about my favorite true crime podcasts.

This one is like listening to the end of a big family dinner when the scandals come out. What they mean by ghosts are the mysterious figures “whose legend has followed a family for generations. Grandmothers who were secretly jewel smugglers, uncles who led double lives…”

I was surprised by how amazing these stories are! I love listening to podcasts when I’m washing dishes, commuting, or can’t sleep so I’m glad I like this one so much.


Mint Tea

(with too much honey)

France has some pretty amazing Moroccan restaurants and my boyfriend and I went to one of the best in Toulouse. I’ve never had couscous like this and we even ordered a tajine so I could try it for the first time. Of course, at the end of the meal you are served some hot tea. It’s literal mint leaves, sugar and water. It’s super sweet, but so good. (For a summertime option, Mint Green Tea Lemonade)

I’ve been having some after meal tea just in my apartment with mint tea and lots of honey. I’m HOOKED! I tried to look up some benefits because it seemed to have some since I’ve been drinking it nonstop for a week. It’s confirmed to improve:

Upset Stomach, Mental Focus, Coughs + Congestion & Bad Breath (lol)

For More, Check out:  Holistic Benefits of Drinking Spicy Tea


7 things Jan '18



I had never given luxury mascara much thought until a few years ago. To me, black mascara is black mascara. As long as it means the minimum quality standards for me… It’s something I like to save $ on. BUTTT then there were some sales and I snagged the “They’re Real” from Benefit.

My verdict? It reminds me a lot of Covergirl LashBlast in the Orange tube.

They both have great spikey wands to lift and separate lashes. Unfortunately for the price, I might stick to my budget mascaras but I’m glad I finally tried it!


Over-the-Knee Boots

Like my new jacket, I’ve been wanting to try this trend for a while! I’m an animal lover and I’m on a budget, so I opted for faux leather. PLUS I can wear them when it’s rainy, misty & muggy out without stressing. I almost bit the bullet and bought them in December before our trip to Geneva, but I waited for the sales and I’m glad I did. I’ve always been a fan of tall boots so of course these are great. My only dislike about them is the European sizing. I’m between a 38 and a 39 (a US 7.5 and 8.5).



I’ve always been a reader, and before I left for France I stockpiled some books. However, easier said than done. I’ve been carrying around Sweetbitter for a while now and I want to dedicate more time to reading it enter planner. I’m loving it so far so I’m hoping I’ll finish it in a week or two!


sweater over the knee bootsWearing those boots. I also love to pair it with leggings & a dress.


Et voilà! Some reviews and loves from this month! Best believe I’m gonna be using them all year.

What have you been loving? Have you tried what I featured?


Bisous, Anne



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  1. I agree! Bullet journal is artsy and all but it’s so much work!

  2. I totally feel you about the Bullet Journal! I’m always amazed at the designs and have even ordered pens but I’m finally admitting, I do not have time to take on another halfway completed hobby! I also totally love the Cover Girl mascara you mentioned, 100% budget mascara girl over here!!

    1. Yes! Bullet journaling seems like such a soothing hobby if you make the time for it and get out your rulers and pens, but it’s just not a priority right now. At least with the pens you can color-coordinate (work, blogging, fitness, errands, etc.)? It’s a quick way to visually organize your to-do’s. Thanks for taking the time to read & comment, Katie!

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