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Anne Donahoe

Anne Donahoe is an up and coming columnist, marketer, & influencer behind The Californienne. Born and raised in sunny California, she fell in love with France’s culture and people.


She’s a rolling stone that has been living between the two countries for the past 3 years. At The Californienne, we’re exploring what it means to live adventurously and share les joies de vivre (the joys of living life!) from France and California.

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Always leaves me wanting more! Anne is so chic, genuine, and fun!” – Nikki Prsa


Great place to find out more about any thing French and Californian! such a cute blog to read!” – Molika Sovann


Well written, stylish, chic! I’ll be a regular reader.” – Linda Charvonia





Before starting The Californienne, I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in French. I entered the workforce feeling uninspired, so I took some time to travel.

After meeting new, diverse people and sharing experiences, I realized there is a dialog to be had about globalized lifestyle content. My goal for this blog is to provide a platform for women to connect on an international scale and share the best parts of their lives.

I love creative- think blogging, photography and design- with an analytical twist. Running The Californienne is truly a labor of love and has been a long time coming.

I’ve previously held positions as an Asst. Conservation Biologist, Marketer, and Columnist. Currently, I am teaching a high school English classes in France until summer 2018.





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