Feeling Spooky: My Favorite True Crime Podcasts

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Happy Halloween, Witches!

I’m in a spooky Halloween mood and wanted to share my favorite true crime podcasts. Not for those that are prone to get nightmares!

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Currently Listening To:

  • Heaven’s Gate About the cult, Heaven’s Gate. It’s a very interesting conversation about what makes a cult and how this one started.


  • Lore  (They now have an Amazon show too!) about the frightening history behind common folklore. Think witches, werewolves, and ghosts!


  • Unexplained In the same realm as Lore, it’s a study of unexplained events that border on the paranormal and fringes of science.


  • My Favorite Murder It’s honestly like sitting around with your friends and getting really morbid. It’s a casual retelling of certain murders with a really candid take. Karen is from the Bay Area and Georgia is a cat lady…so I feel like I know them already.


  • Generation Why Another true crime duo. Two guys discussing true crime and giving their takes and theories. It’s very straightforward like Justin and Aaron.


  • Dirty John (Wondery has a specific style to their podcasts which I don’t necessarily like, but I’m drawn into the story) From the LA Times, a collection of narrative and interviews to tell a story with a dark ending.


Spooky Black Cat


Finished and Enjoyed:

  • Serial Like many people, this is the first podcast I got obsessed with and listened from start to finish. I’ve been a lifelong fan of NPR, so this podcast from This American Life was a natural choice for me. I loved Season 1 and Season 2 was important.


  • Up and Vanished A missing beauty queen from a small town in Georgia. It’s an 11 year old case mystery with the largest case file in the state’s history. The narrator and a local attorney really give a local feel to the investigation.


Finished and A Little Disappointed:

  • S – Town Another podcast from This American Life. It resolves the complexities of life in a small town in the South. The podcast unexpectedly switches directions when someone winds up dead.


  • Missing Richard Simmons Richard Simmons, the fitness guru, is a character. Always larger than life and then suddenly gone. The podcast tries to answer why Simmons has suddenly become a shut-in.


And for listening…

One of these past Christmases, I was gifted some wireless headphones. They’re not Beats… but they’re pretty awesome.


I like that I can do chores around the house, lay in bed without getting tangled in the cord, or just get up and pour another cup of coffee.

These are what I have, they’re from Bose and sync via Bluetooth. The future is now people


Trick or Treat,


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  1. I really loved Serial and miss having something to listen to on the journey to work. Which would you say is most like it from your list?


    1. I would say “Up and Vanished”! It has a down-to-earth narrator and interviews with real people from the case. Let me know how you like it or if you have some favorite podcasts

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