What Those Negative Emotions Mean

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It’s 2018. Let’s get real with ourselves.

If you’re trying to make the best of the new year, a good place to start is with some mental housecleaning.


Let’s talk about tuning out negative emotions.

Sometimes it’s necessary… nerves during public speaking, taking a test, a job interview…

But what happens when the feeling COMES BACK and isn’t so momentary?


I have an active mind, so these are things that I’ve reflected on for years. I’m constantly exchanging with others and learning to bring some zen to the chaos.

Let’s have more stability in 2018, read on.

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This one is all about judgements, on yourself and others. It shows where you need to heal. What unfinished business do you have and what do you need to move on?



Quit living in the past, babe. The present is what it is and something makes you think it should be better. Focus on the moment and really embrace it. Life comes in seasons, don’t pine for something out of time.



This is where the change and growth happens. You’re doing things differently. Just be mindful of whether it’s positive or negative.



You’re passionate. About SOMETHING. It’s not always easy to get to the root. Is it your boundaries? Did you have unmet expectations? Is there much to be done or do you need a different perspective?





You tried for something, and it didn’t work out. Pull it all together, take inventory and strike again. Maybe you need to change direction, but don’t burnout. The good news is you ACTUALLY challenged yourself and you aren’t apathetic.



GREAT EXPECTATIONS, GREAT EXPECTATIONS, Ooh you and me we got big reputations, sing it. You are living your life for other people’s expectations or even your own. But take a look at what’s really going on and where this gap is happening. Once you close the gap, the guilt will vanish.


Your beliefs are shaken. Whether it’s internalizing other people’s beliefs about who you should be/who you are or beliefs you have about yourself. It’s time to reconnect with yourself and see what you missed, if it’s realistic for you, and how to get there.



You’re living in the past. Time to wake up, be present, and embrace the future. Have you set goals for yourself? Short term and long term. There’s a reason why you feel like an alarm clock is going off in your chest.



You care. It’s beautiful. You’re invested in others, the world, and yourself. But don’t light yourself on fire to give others light.


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Self Care

Now let’s talk about how to unwind…


Plan + Get Organized



Make Some Tea

(I’ve been loving Mint Tea with too much honey like at the end of a Moroccan meal)


Also! Check out the BENEFITS OF SPICY TEA


There are so many great Youtube tutorials, you don’t need a gym membership and it can be as quick as 20 min in your room.


Esp a new recipe that’s healthy!


Listen to a Podcast


Treat Yo Self

A little retail therapy never hurt. Just be realistic about your budget. It could be as simple as a small bunch of flowers, just get something that will make you smile.




Be kind to yourself!

Bisous, Anne

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  1. great post! it’s so easy to feel all these negative emotions and not really understand them or know what to do once you feel them. thank you for sharing! super informative!!

    oh, she’s lovely

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